Volunteering and having fun, that’s just good practice.”

Amber MorrisonAmber spent many college nights at the Phoenix on Westheimer; Chicken Fried Chicken Wednesdays and Hot Wing Tuesdays were staples, while she attended the University of St. Thomas back in 2011 & 2012. Over time the Phoenix had become like a second home, always warm and welcoming. So, it was no surprise that after graduating from Baylor Law School and returning to Houston, Amber fell back into the rhythm of swinging by the Phoenix. And although the prices might have increased a little, the Phoenix was still warm and welcoming. 


She joined the Phoenix Fit Club first, and starting rekindling old friendships and building new ones. When Amber learned that the Phoenix had started its own charitable non-profit to help give back to the community, she had to find a way to get involved. As a native Houstonian, giving back to her community is a priority. 


“Volunteering to give back to my community is a civic duty. Volunteering to give back to my community while spending time with friends and having fun, that’s just good practice.” 


Becoming active with the Friends of the Phoenix has allowed Amber to bring some of her favorite things together (Animals, Food, & Cycling) while actively raising money for charities around Houston and its surrounding areas. Amber chaired the 8thAnnual April Showers Dog Wash, volunteered for the 2nd annual Lunar New Year & Fried Rice Cook-Off, and participated as a rider for Bike Around the Bay twice (2018 & 2019). 


“I am excited for the future of this organization. Everyone involved cares about Houston and its people. I know we can make a difference and make the community better.”