Giving Back While Having Fun

Christine and Scott started coming to the Phoenix in late 2010, back when it was still called Firkin & Phoenix, because it was one of the only places in town showing University of Houston football games. They continued coming back because it’s a great place to meet up with friends, meet new friends, and drink pitchers of mimosas on Sunday. Christine and Scott, dubbed Schlendoxx by one of the waitresses, regularly participate in Phoenix Fit Club, as well. Unlike most of the regular patrons, neither watch soccer.

Although they had attended fundraisers hosted by the Phoenix in the past, neither had volunteered for any of the events. In a chance eavesdropping at the bar, Christine heard Vu and Lorin discussing the potential for formalizing the pub’s charitable activities into its own organization. As a nonprofit professional, Christine was able to help with the brainstorming and formation process. Scott, an attorney, was asked to join the board to act as counsel, but he still thinks it’s just because he’s cool.


Being able to give back directly to the local community is a driver for their involvement. Being able to give back while having fun with friends makes it even better. They are passionate about supporting all four of the Friends of the Phoenix’s pillars and believe that this organization can help small, niche charities amplify their messages and fulfill meaningful missions that improve the lives of Houstonians, whether they be people or animals.


Christine a Scott