Volunteering becomes a hobby

David has been coming to the Phoenix on Westheimer since 2010, and he has grown to know the staff and regulars over time as he comes back for Phoenix Fit Club, sporting events, and special events. His hobbies outside of the Phoenix include running in races that have fancy medals and anything to do with food.

He’s volunteered for multiple charity events hosted at Phoenix over the past few years, including for Zoey’s Angels and events that raise money for personal crises. He’s also been able to blend his love of food with volunteerism by serving as a judge for the annual wing cook-off fundraiser hosted at the Phoenix for the Karbach MS150 cycling team.

His past involvement with Phoenix-hosted events made him an obvious candidate as Vu was looking for help from his friends and patrons to start Friends of the Phoenix. Having seen the benefits that the unofficial friends of the Phoenix could bring to other charities, he felt that becoming a charity of its own was a reasonable next step. David also views it as an opportunity to learn more about how to start and run a nonprofit organization.

David is a native Houstonian and has lived most of his life in Houston, and he likes that he will be giving back to a community in which he has so much pride. As the recipient of a Houston need-based scholarship to attend college out of state, the Friends of the Phoenix’s education pillar has special meaning to him. He also supports the emergency fund because, having volunteered for events raising these funds before, he has seen how much of an impact it can have on a person in need. David looks forward to helping the tight-knit Friends of the Phoenix grow its events and volunteer base.