A Non-traditional Approach to Giving Back

Laura first began going to The Phoenix on Westheimer in 2016 to watch English Premier League soccer games for Crystal Palace (Up the Palace!). In the weeks and months following, Laura quickly developed friendships with other patrons and staff at The Phoenix on Westheimer as the pub always made her feel welcome with the friendly staff and always offered an enjoyable time for her to share a drink with a friend. Laura continued to frequent The Phoenix on Westheimer throughout 2016 to watch other sporting events and at times participate in Phoenix Fit Club for yoga. Late in 2016 Vu, the owner of The Phoenix on Westheimer, approached Laura to see if she was interested in participating with The Friends of the Phoenix.

Laura’s passion is for public education and helping others realize their strengths and talents in order to reach their fullest potential. Laura worked as a teacher in a Houston area school district for seven years before becoming an educational diagnostician. Laura is a firm believer in continuing education and furthering oneself in life. Laura realizes that each person has their own path and sometimes people’s paths follow a “nontraditional” route. Once Laura understood that one of the goals for The Friends of the Phoenix is to help provide nontraditional scholarships to others, of course she was on board.

Laura is also passionate about the city of Houston. Laura moved to the Houston area as an infant and has lived in the Houston area for nearly her entire life. Laura appreciates the diverse culture Houston has to offer and always enjoys sharing her love of Houston with others (traffic and humidity aside). Laura is thrilled to have this opportunity to give back to the Houston community as part of The Friends of the Phoenix.