Serving the community one smile at a time

"The greatness of a community is most accurately measured by the compassionate actions of its members" -Corretta Scott King. 


Ami works in public health serving the community one smile at a time. Growing up in a low income family, Ami has been the recipient of the kindness of others in her community. She knows how much it means to those who have been helped, and now that she can give back, has a heart for philanthropy. In her free time, Ami enjoys running & cycling for a cause, volunteering with the Houston Marathon, supporting food & toy drives, and giving of her time with her professional association by providing dental care to those in need. Ami has served on the board of her professional association as 1st vice president, and has served as president of her running club. After attending several fundraisers, Ami joined the Friends of the Phoenix board in 2020. It felt like a natural fit after making connections and solid friendships with those involved. She was inspired by their efforts and heart of servitude. Giving back to the Greater Houston Area will always be a passion of hers, and Friends of the Phoenix is the perfect way to continue to support our city.