Make Positive Changes in our Community

Paul first started going to The Phoenix on Westheimer in 2011 after he moved into the neighborhood. Paul quickly developed a fondness for the staff and regular patrons of The Phoenix on Westheimer and has been a regular patron himself ever since as it always “felt like home” to him.

After Paul’s niece, Zoey, passed away, he founded the organization Zoey’s Angels Inc. Zoey’s Angels was founded to bring comfort to families who lose an infant child after a lengthy struggle in the hospital. Vu, the owner of The Phoenix on Westheimer, played a key role in helping Paul organize the first Zoey’s Angels event. As a result of The Phoenix on Westheimer’s help with Zoey’s Angels, Paul enjoys giving back to all the other charitable events that The Phoenix on Westheimer participates in. Paul was approached to join the board for The Friends of the Phoenix, to which he immediately said yes.

Born and raised in Houston, Paul is dedicated to making positive changes in the Houston community. Paul values the importance of helping others in their time of need. Helping others get back on their feet after a tragic event and providing assistance when they need it most are his passion. Paul is excited to see the vision of The Friends of the Phoenix come to fruition and looks forward to continuing to make a positive impact on our community.