BBQ & Concert for a Cause: Helping Daniel Ramon

Due to Construction delays, we have moved the location to the Phoenix on Westheimer (1915 Westheimer).

Join us for a benefit concert to aid Daniel Ramon! 
BBQ by Gunslingers BBQ & Luv Ya Q Cookers
Bands TBA, DJ, 50/50 Raffle, Photo Booth

All net proceeds from this event will go towards helping Daniel Ramon.
Presale Food available from 3-6pm
Onsite Food Sales from 4-8pm or until food runs out.

Daniel's Bio:

There is a popular song by Don Henley that goes “in a New York minute, everything can change”, and those lyrics proved to be true to no one more than to Daniel Ramon one drizzly October morning in 2022. On his way to a job site, Daniel was driving down Gosling Road in the Woodlands when his truck hit a patch of oily water, causing his truck to hydroplane and spin. Trying to regain control of the vehicle, Daniel did everything we are taught to do when in this situation, steer into the turn, not slam the brakes, etc. But when it became obvious that he would continue to spin and slide toward a bank of trees, Daniel braced himself for what he knew would be a hard impact. Seeing the large trees growing radically closer, Daniel closed his eyes, said a prayer and anchored himself for the crash. Then, blackout. Waking up what seemed like seconds later, but turned out had been almost ten minutes, Daniel’s eyes opened and his ears adjusted to the noise of Firefighters using the Jaws of Life to extract him from his mangled vehicle, the Firefighter directly in front of him seeing him wake and telling him “you’re going to be ok, you’re one tough bastard!!”. Daniel was rushed to Woodlands Memorial for what would turn out to be an almost two months stay of surgeries and physical therapy. Waking up in the hospital, Daniel told the attending nurses the one thing no one ever wants to hear themselves say, “I can’t feel my legs”. Daniel’s spine had snapped during the impact, crushing his spinal cord. Looking at the wreckage from that day, no one would imagine that a human could come away from that accident alive, the trees nearly ripping the truck in half.  One of the branches ripped through the back window of the truck and impacted with the back of his head, embedding branch splinters and glass that had to be surgically removed and requiring almost 20 staples to repair. Miraculously, even with this head trauma he did not sustain any cognitive damage. Over the next five months, Daniel spent time at a nursing rehab facility while his sister battled with shady contractors that stole money and belongings from them, to get his home converted to wheelchair accessible standards. With the help of generous donors and friends in the construction field, as well as finally finding an honest contractor that was able to get the work on the home complete, Daniel was able to finally go home after six months.  

Daniel had always been a hard-working blue-collar guy. A single father of his then 13-year-old son Jay, he was an AV specialist spending his workdays climbing up and down ladders in and out of roofs and attics for his clients. When he was not working, he was always with his son doing things like camping, playing sports, going to movies once a week for the newest release or their favorite, shopping for sports and hunting gear. This accident has taken the most precious thing away from Daniel, spending time doing father-son activities with Jay. His fight over the last ten months has been a tough one, but it is one that he continues to push through daily. Learning how to live with his disability and the hope that in the near future he will be able to progress and walk again so that he and Jay can once again share in their love for sports and hunting. He remains positive during this whole ordeal and his desire to one day walk again has remained forefront in his daily struggle with limited mobility. While for Daniel everything DID change in a New York minute, his hope is that he will continue to thrive and live this second chance he got at life.  



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